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Why Indie Filmmakers Have To Consider Pinterest?


As many of us think, we are surrounded by social networks that come out of the blue everyday! Nevertheless, there is a reason why indie filmmakers should pay attention to Pinterest.

  • In just one month (December 2011-January 2012), Pinterest saw traffic increase over 155%, and over the last 6 months, traffic increased by 4000%. As of this month, they had over 11 million unique visitors to the site and over 10 million registered users from all over the world.


  • Statistics show Pinterest drives more referral traffic on the Web than Google+, YouTube, Redditand LinkedIn combined. The beauty of pinning photos/videos is they link back to websites, thus driving traffic. They are no follow links, so it doesn’t help with SEO, but any link that drives traffic to a site is good for awareness and conversion.


  • Mainly, the site now attracts women in the age range 25-44 who love fashion, home decorating and family related products.


  • Activities are based on images so rather than having to write a lot, you can simply post photo collections and they don’t even have to be your own photos! I think this is the highly attractive thing about Pinterest.


  • The key for users doesn’t seem to be gaining followers, but gaining repins meaning they want to have people think what they pin is cool.


  • It integrates with your other social accounts like Facebook and Twitter and hopefully Google Plus is coming. 


I think filmmakers have to be aware of the importance of Pinterst for their business!!!

Any comment????

Tech Goes Forth: Forget QR Code…Welcome To The World Of Touchcode!!!


Touchcode is an invisible electronic code printed on paper, cardboard, film or labels. Just put the product on the display of your smartphone/tablet/multitouch device to read the data – no matter if you’d like to confirm the authenticity of your brand product or make your card game come to life. With Touchcode, you add interactivity to just about any product.

Key features:



Storage of information that you want to pass to users


Do you Think Touchcode will replace QR Codes? 


Have a look here