Blogs Influence Women’s Shopping Experience


According to BlogHer‘s Fifth Annual Women and Social Media study, the  number of women that go online to gain information about products and services has doubled. The study identifies emerging platforms leveraged by women. It also traces the connection to specific media channels and analyzes the influence of each on purchase behavior.


Seventy-seven percent of women use Facebook for fun, while 87% turn to Facebook to remain up to date with with family. More than 61% of active blog readers admit to making purchases based on a blog recommendation, nearly double the rate of Facebook and Twitter active users — 33% and 31% — respectively.

Blogs rank the highest in learning about new products and research recommendations that can turn into purchase decisions. Some 41% seek out blogs to learn about new products, 39% look for product recommendations, and 36% use blogs to make purchase decisions.

Some 43% use Instagram and 77% use Pinterest, compared with the general population at 11% and 19%, respectively.

Only 9% of the general population, daily blog readers, access social sites on a mobile phone when shopping in a store.

Where do women go to find online and offline inspirational sources for cooking? Some 82% of BlogHer community members go to food blogs; 80%, recipe Web sites; 58%, Pinterest; 60%, cookbooks; 44%; magazines; and 17%, TV shows. This compares with the general U.S. population at 15%, 63%, 8%, 52%, 32%, 30%, respectively.


One thought on “Blogs Influence Women’s Shopping Experience

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